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"... A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts... A graphic representation of data abstracted from banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding into the distance... "
William Gibson.

domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011

My experience at Ekoparty 2011

Hi fellows, after a long time, I've decided to create another entry in diz bl0g ... I'll put a few words about my experience in the most important IT security convention in Latinamerica.. Yes, I know what y0u have in mind and that'z what I'll be talking about ! EKOPARTY ! ( - @ekoparty) ;)

It all started on Wednesday the September 21st, 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when I went to KONEX cultural center to get the badge, a cool one by the way. What I really liked of this badge unlike others, is that there's no difference between speaker/attendee badge. Anyway, I went with my friends Federico Bossi (@fedebossi) and Claudio (@claudio_leon) to get the badges. After that, we saw the Bus intented to go around the streets for wardriving purposes jejeje.. It was hilarious 'cauz the bus had very funny music (such as Reggaeton =X) jajaj, and blinking lights around the windows... A picture is worth a thousand words =D. That night, I went with Fede to "Antares" a very nice pub in a city near Buenos Aires, which is called La Plata... 'til 6 am ¬¬' WTF !!

Thursday, September 22nd, I finally met in person to my br0ther Xava Du (@xavadu) !!! after 8 years !! =0 and we just were there walking around, drinking b33rs @ Immunity Sec stand, meeting some people and talking with other security researchers. In the same hall was the lockpicking village, fight with r0b0ts, a ping pong table, vendors, pop corns, old video games, wifi hack3rs, etc. etc. etc...

Also, I found my mexican friend there, Diego Bauche (@dexosexo) !! it was great to see him there 'cause we really needed to talk in 'Mexican spanish' :D jejej which is pretty different than 'Argentinian Spanish' !

At the end of that night, there was a party just right there @ KONEX ;) ... There was a funny (weird) band performing xD. In that party, I met a pretty & intelligent girl who was also involved in IT security, she totally impressed me 'cause she has deep knowledge =0 (Note: She found a security vulnerability in a mainstream SCADA platform) ! It was nice 2 meet her =)

Friday, September 23rd, the EkoFest location was finally published.

Before the Juliano Rizzo (@julianor) talk, suddenly, a üb3r-h4x0r-3l3ctr0-p0st-futur1st r0b0t appeared =D IT WAS AMAZING !! I've never seen something like that before, even in Defcon or BlackHat ! ;)

At the end of Ekoparty, and before the party, we went to Agustin Gianni's (@agustingianni) house to drink some Fernet and after that we moved to another place to have some Beers & Pizza with Xava Du, Claudio, more people and speakers such as Rubén Santamarta (@reversemode), Chema Alonso (@chemaalonso), Agustin Gianni (@agustingianni), Juliano Rizzo (@julianor) and Pedro Varangot. After that we all went to the PARTY !! (no pictures xD)

Saturday, September 24th, we moved to La Plata and prepared our ekoparty-afterasado ! jajaj I had a GREAT time with friends !! Thank you d000d3z !!!

On the other hand, I also had the chance to say hi to antoher Argentinian friends (security researchers) like Nahuel Grisolia (@cintainfinita), Maximiliano Soler (@maxisoler) and Ariel Sánchez (dymitri).

What about the CONFERENCES??!! One single word: AMAZING ;) .. All of them ! what a great level. Som3 pix:

Definitely, I'll be there the next year ! ;)

Ch33rz !!!

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

My research cited on a scientific technical report

Well, have past a long time since my fingers wr0te something on this wall... But today, I was just looking for advancements in vulnerability and exploit development on Google and !! something really nice appeared in front of my eyes and behind my screen jeje.

I was reading the following technical report from The Department of Mathematics, Royal Holloway, University of London:

Technical Report
16th February 2009
Title: Buffer Overflows in Microsoft Windows Environment
Author: Parvez Anwar
Comments: Search Security Award Winning Project

... And suddenly, I read the author refering my name, comments and a c0de of mine. It made my day, obviously, B-)

Here are the paragraphs that made me feel pr0ud of myself..

... and the c0de that made me scream like crazy :@ a few years ago ajaja.. but it was worth ;)

Full report:

ch33rz !!! /o/